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PAHALGAM (7500 ft)

Amidst thick pine forests and green pastures inlaid with brilliant flowers lies Pahalgam ("Shepherds village") about 95 kms north-east of Srinagar. The mountain town along the bank of river Lidder is known for its trout fish, both rainbow and brown and is the starting point of many a trek, excursions to glaciers like Kohaloi and hindu shrines like Amarnath and other scenic places. Camp-out, pack-a-picnic, soak in the sun, melt in a bonfire, smile, you are in one of the most picturesque resorts in Kashmir.

GULMARG (9100 ft)

About 50 kms away from Srinagar, Gulmarg ("The meadow of flowers") is a dreamland in the sky. This is world famous golf course (highest in the world) in summer and a lovely skiing resort in winter.

SONAMARG (9200 ft)

This golden meadow is about 100 kms from Srinagar. A gushing river Sindh is the highlight of this meadow, flowing down from snowy heights into the dense woodlands of fir and silver birches. Glaciers pour down this river from Himalayas on to the many camping sites in Sonamarg. Also famous for trout fishing.


Just onthe out-skirts of Srinagar lie Chashmashahi ("The royal spring"), Nishat ("abode of peace") and Shalimar ("abode of love") where Mughal emperors once relaxed with their exquisite queens.

YUSMARG (8900 ft)

One hour drive from Srinagar, this idyllic meadow is ideal for a day’s picnic or a short walk along the mighty "Doodh Ganga" river, its name deriving from its milk white foam. Picnic on its banks or simply doze in the sun. A starting point for many peaks like "Trata Kutti" and "Sang-safed" - this is a trekkers base.

DAKSUM (8500 ft)

A trekker's paradise (2 hours very scenic drive) swathed in coniferous forests, gurgling streams, hidden grassy meadows, where your only company is the sound of the gushing Bringhi river or an occasional shepherd tending his flock. Daksum is also famous for its trout - an angler's heaven.


Wular is Asia's largest fresh-water lake, formidable in its size is like a chameleon with every mile of its strectch.The calm waters of Manasbal lake are retreat for bird watchers. Glide on a shikara on the lake with only gentle sound of the water and the birds to break the silence (2 hours round trip).


You can enjoy beautiful rides on shikaras; visiting Nehru park, Kabutur Khana, Charchinari, Floating Islands and typical vegetable farmer villages on the Dal lake. The canals are spectacular.


As on approaches the great waterfall of Aharbal, the distant rumble turns into a roar. Dotted with delighful picnic spots this waterfall is also the starting point for intresting treks. (1½ hour drive).


At one time the exclusive hunting preserve of the local Maharaja and now a beautiful sanctuary spread over an area of 141 sq.kms owing to a strict conservation programme. Dachigam is the home of 20 mammal specials including the Kashmir Hangul, Snow leopard, black bear and over 15 species of avifauna (18 kms drive).