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Shikara Ride In Nageen Lake

Shikara is a type of wooden boat which is normally found in the regions of Jammu and Kashmir. Shikaras are used for various purposes like transportation, fishing and seaweed harvesting. Some of the poor people in Kashmir use these shikaras as floating homes. Shikaras are among the popular tourist attractions in the valley of Kashmir as several tourists take a cruise along the Nagin lake in this region. There are many houseboats and shikara communities who have lived for centuries. Most of the houseboats are perfectly furnished in English Style and chairs, couches, tables, proper beds and bathrooms with hot water are included in these houseboats. Shikara ride is one of the most relaxing and soothing aspects of a holiday in the valley of Kashmir. Shikaras are being used for longer tours which is one of the worthful pleasures ride around the Nagin lake. This two hour shikara ride takes tourists on a soothing sightseeing tour of some of the interior parts of the placid and calm waters of the Nageen Lake.As this Nageen Lake is centrally situated in the landscape of Srinagar several places of interest are been built in its surrounding area.

Tourists enjoying the Shikara ride in Nageen Lake